About Us
I was born on 29th March 1946 to a traditional farming couple Mr. Tambula Reddiar and Mrs. Mangammal. I had stop my education at IV Standard and assist my parents in agricultural works. But since my young age, I had interested in science and dedicated my life in flower cultivation since flowers play a major role in the life of human from birth to death. From 1951 - 1960, the scientific technology for propagation of this variety was not much known. With only lower standard of education, I was the first farmer to start a tissue culture laboratory and propagated the plant through micropropagation. I established Lakshmi Narayana's crossandra innovation centre in started 1972 and took up research in crossrandra variety local. (A Local variety of crossandra which has been cultivated during BC and AD periods of our history) Since it was affected by fusarium wilt. Initially I collected wild crossandra species from the forest area and crossed wild crossandra pollen with the cultivated local variety and developed 3 types of lines viz.,1) Lines which had seed setting ability (Diploid) 2) Seedless sterile lines(Triploid) 3) Lines with partially developed seeds which could not be germinated. Then I took up Padmashree Dr.T.Venkadapathy Reddiar my studies Delhi Crossandra a traditional variety which could give good yield about 20 kg flower acre per day with mixed orange and red petals. Through the cost of 1 Kg of flower was around Rs 350 this variety could not be propagated by seed because of its triploid nature . I standardized the technique of nodal stem cuttings in mist chamber and distributed several lakhs of delhi crossandra planting materials to farmers, widows and below poverty line people of south India free of cost through Indian bank.